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The team at Milestone Transport Inc.  with 700 power units across 13 terminal locations and is considered the 10th largest carrier in Canada. This is a remarkable team and we welcome you to be part of this successful organization. This may sound like a cliché, but if you were to ask yourself what makes Milestone Transport Inc. different from the competition, the answer is simple, “Our people and our commitment to our customers”. Our employees are committed to ensuring that our customers are provided with exceptional service and that we deliver on our promise.


As the Human Resources Manager, I’m very proud to communicate that Milestone Transport Inc. was named a leader in Employment Equity and Diversity by Human Resources Development Canada in 2011. Milestone Transport Inc. is an equal opportunity employer, so when you are looking at an opportunity with Milestone Transport, I would encourage you to please self identify when applying. Milestone Transport Inc. is also safety conscious and we’ve taken proactive steps to ensure our employees are safe at work, in 2011; Milestone Transport Inc. became a member of the Transportation Safety Group in Ontario. We will continue to explore avenues in order to maintain a safe work environment for our employees.

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